Head YouTek Cyano2 115 Squash Racket

Head YouTek Cyano2 115

Weight: 115 g

Balance: Head heavy (36.5 cm)

Head size: 500 sq cm

String pattern: 12×17

Power: 9.5 Control: 8.5

Price: £ Check here

Extra low weight, large head and head heavy balance produce great maneuverability and plenty of power – excellent for volleys and other quick action.

Update: This racket has been already replaced by a newer version – the Head Graphene Cyano 115.


The Head YouTek Cyano 2 115 replaced its predecessor (YouTek Cyano 115) in 2011 and the idea of the racket stayed the same, it’s still Head’s lightest squash racket with 115 grams, features large teardrop-shaped head and head heavy balance.

As the name implies it still uses YouTek and also Corrugated Technology (CT, more stiffness and torsion in the shaft), plus a new technology called Innegra has appeared – it improves shock absorption and stability and reduces vibrations. And from user reviews we can say it does make some difference, the racquet has a slightly more comfortable feel than its predecessor.

Players are very pleased with the Cyano2, the combination of extra low weight and head heavy balance offers great maneuverability and a lot of power as well. It’s really effective for volleys and all other actions where you need that extra speed and reaction time. Plus control and touch are also on a very solid level.

On the other hand, that low weight takes its toll as the Cyano2 simply can’t be as durable as racquets that are much heavier – so be careful not to hit the wall.

Head YouTek Cyano 115 & Innegra Cyano2 115 Squash Racket

Compared to others:

  Racket Power & Control Weight Head size Balance String pattern Price
Head YouTek Cyano2 115 Head YouTek Cyano2 115 Power: 9.5 Control: 8.5 115 g 500 sq cm Head heavy (36.5 cm) 12×17 £ Check here
Current lineup:
Head YouTek Cyano2 115 Head YouTek Cyano2 115 Power: 9.5 Control: 8.5 115 g 500 sq cm Head heavy (36.5 cm) 12×17 £ Check here
Head YouTek Anion2 135 Head YouTek Anion2 135 Power: 9.35 Control: 8.65 135 g 500 sq cm Head light 12×17 £ Check here
Head YouTek Xenon2 135 Head YouTek Xenon2 135 Power: 8.75 Control: 9.35 135 g 460 sq cm Head heavy (37.0 cm) 14×16 £ Check here


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