Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash Racket

Prince EXO3 Rebel

Weight: 135 g

Balance: Head heavy (37.5 cm)

Head size: 470 sq cm

String pattern: 16×16

Power: 9.5 Control: 8.25

Price: £ Check here

Very powerful racket, also with a large sweet spot, the balance is head heavy. Users love the playing capabilities of the Rebel EXO3, only report that it breaks easily.

Update: This racket has been already replaced by a newer version – the Pro Rebel 950.


Based on the popular Speedport Black, the EXO3 Rebel offers the same frame and parameters, only it’s enhanced by the new exo skeletal structure – so it plays similar, just with less vibration. The O-Ports remained, Prince still uses large holes instead of the traditional grommets for a better, more free response of the strings. The Rebel is a racket of choice of many squash pros – for example the first woman in the pro tour Nicol David, and Max Lee or Tarek Momen from men.

The top advantages of this racquet are definitely power and a large sweet spot – the Rebel is head heavy so if you hit it, you get a ton of power with minimal effort and even off-center hits are pretty powerful, only vibrate a bit in the frame (but nothing serious).

Prince EXO3 Rebel

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Users mentioned in their reviews that they are very pleased with this racquet’s playing capabilities – it offers a good control, excellent power and large sweet spot, even the factory strings are decent. Unfortunately, many also reported it’s brittle and breaks very easily.

In 2012 it has been replaced by a new version – but the changes were just cosmetic.

Prince Exo3 Rebel Squash Racket Review – PDHSports

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Compared to others:

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Prince EXO3 Rebel Prince EXO3 Rebel Power: 9.5 Control: 8.25 135 g 470 sq cm Head heavy (37.5 cm) 16×16 £ Check here
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Prince EXO3 Rebel Prince EXO3 Rebel Power: 9.5 Control: 8.25 135 g 470 sq cm Head heavy (37.5 cm) 16×16 £ Check here
Prince EXO3 Pro Tour Prince EXO3 Pro Tour Power: 9.25 Control: 8.5 145 g 464 sq cm Head heavy (36.7 cm) 16×16 £ Check here
Prince TT Sovereign Prince TT Sovereign Power: 9.15 Control: 8.75 135 g 480 sq cm Head heavy – Even (34.9 cm) 16×17 £ Check here
Prince Airstick 130 Prince Airstick 130 Power: 9.15 Control: 8.75 130 g 480 sq cm Slightly head heavy (36.0 mm) 16×17 £ Check here


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